We have 4 technology categories coming to the market:

1. UAV to AGV product transfer system.
2. 3-climate vending system with a UAV to AGV product transfer.
3. Indoor swipe-and-go fridge.
4. Large 3-climate vending system with drive-thru for takeout and 3rd party delivery. 

*At this time, we are primarily focused on the 3-climate vending machine with ACV delivery which is currently being tested in our first field trial.

Our vending system can distribute products from different sources:

1. Fridge
Fresh perishable food like casseroles, meal kits, custom wraps, subs, and salads; plus beverages, beer, wine, and snacks.

2. Freezer
The freezer can stock products like frozen pizza, finger foods, and ice cream.

3. Room Temp Cavity
Pharmacy products – over the counter or prescription meds – canned goods, chips and room temperature alcohol.

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