Welcome to Speedy Eats

Redefining Convenience with Automated Solutions

At Speedy Eats, we are at the forefront of innovation, transforming the way you experience food and retail. Our patented cook and hold pizza systems, Outdoor Unattended Retail Systems, Indoor Unattended Retail Systems, and Automated Groceries bring unparalleled convenience to your doorstep.

Automated Pizza Kitchens

Revolutionizing Takeout and Delivery: Our patented cook and hold pizza systems are strategically placed in parking lots, ensuring quick and delicious meals for delivery and takeout customers. Warmers equipped with advanced technology allow for easy pre-ordering through our app, making it a seamless experience. Operating 24/7, we redefine the pizza delivery landscape.

Outdoor Unattended Retail Systems

Drive-Thru Excellence: Our drive-thru units redefine the fast-food experience. With an intuitive app ordering platform, customers can conveniently pick up their orders or opt for delivery through our trusted 3rd party partners. Placed in parking lots near highly trafficked roads, our units bring the convenience of quick-service dining outdoors.

Robotic Delivery Innovation: Experience the future with our robotic delivery units. Perfect for neighborhoods and college campuses, these units serve takeout to customers on the go or deliver products autonomously. Our patent-pending technology ensures the automated ground vehicle reloads, makes deliveries, and wirelessly charges itself between orders, bringing efficiency to the next level.

Indoor Unattended Retail Systems

Climate-Controlled Vending: Our indoor cold climate systems cater to customers in airports, office complexes, and hospitals. Simply insert a credit card or tap your phone to unlock the door and access refrigerated and frozen items. Your purchases are seamlessly charged upon closing the door, providing a hassle-free shopping experience for busy indoor environments.

Automated Groceries

Efficient Last Mile Delivery: Our automated groceries setup takes center stage in densely populated urban areas. Road-capable vehicles enter our warehouse on a designated lane, charge themselves, and go through our loading station. Primarily focused on last-mile delivery, this technology ensures your groceries reach your doorstep with speed and precision.

At Speedy Eats, we are not just embracing the future; we are shaping it. Join us on this journey where convenience meets innovation.

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